Jesus Hates Religion – A Catholic Video Response

A few days ago, the Jesus Hates Religion video went viral on Facebook. There have been excellent Catholic blog posts responding to the video by Bad Catholic and Mary’s Aggies. I want to share with you here an excellent video response by Makeafriar.

The original video by Jefferson Bethke is a thinly-veiled critique of the Catholic Church. In the video, Makeafriar has a line that says “Why is my church so reviled?” I answered that question previously in my post about truth. The fact that the Catholic Church speaks the truth and does not compromise with sin makes it a huge target for criticism.

Wild misconceptions about Catholic teaching are routinely presented in the media as fact. In this case, the Church is accused of being an institution that interferes with developing a relationship with Jesus – a burden to the believer.

Makeafriar has done a great job of reminding us of the many contributions of the Catholic Church to our society. Much of the world as we know it would not exist but for the Catholic Church. Enjoy!



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